Monday, August 1, 2011

paper anniversary

What does that even mean anyways?  Stationary?  A card?  Well my interpretation of it was:


They go hand in hand with paper right?

We've got 3 weeks (and change) down on this deployment, and I celebrated that by mailing out 3 care packages to Patrick this week.  One of which included his glorious anniversary present (and card - so I guess I got the paper covered).  He won't get the package for a few weeks, but his internet access is terrible, so I'm quite confident this won't be a spoiler alert since he can barely check his email... but his gift was pens.  His favorite pens to be exact.  He had one that he loved, and he took it to and from work everyday.  He was very overprotective of his pen.  I had to ask permission to use it, and he kept tabs on it the whole time I was borrowing it.

As he was packing to leave, I made sure his pen was in a spot where it wouldn't be forgotten.  Well guess what, it was.  And when we got to the battalion, he was pen-less.  Even I didn't have one in my purse (and I always have at least 3).  We scavenged around the car and found one without a cap in the center console.  Beggars can't be choosers.  So off he went sans fave pen.  So I found it only fitting that his pen supply was replenished.  So there you go hubby - Happy anniversary!  One year down, forever to go.

In honor of our wedding day, 365 days ago... Some photos from the event.  Of course, thanks to Melissa Barrick for the gorgeous memories.

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