Thursday, August 11, 2011

c'est la vie

That's what I keep telling myself... but today is what you would call "one of those days".  I will give you fair warning:  This post is strictly for venting, not entertainment or informational purposes.

We'll start off with the fact that the dogs got me up earlier then usual.  Then I had to wait a good 45 minutes at the Dr's office before I got called back for my appointment.  I counted 6 people that came in after me that got called before me.  One lady even came and went while I sat in the waiting room.  After a solid 5 minutes with the nurse (where she managed to let me know my stomach was 'bulging' - really lady what did you expect?) I waited another 30 minutes for the Dr.  Awesome.

Then I tried to have the car seat inspected, but I wasn't told you needed an appointment, so back home I went.  Only to get a phone call asking me to turn around and make the half hour drive again to get to the closest fire station that does these things.  I get there, and they dismantle my perfectly installed car seat and shove 3 foam noodles (you know the ones you use in the pool?  very scientific and following all safety guidelines) under the back end of the car seat.  Why you ask?  I still don't know.  It certainly didn't make it level, or anywhere near safe.  The seat was literally bouncing as I drove home.  That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

As if that wasn't enough, I managed to win the worst wife in the world award.  I missed not one, not two, nope not three... but SIX calls from Patrick.  Apparently my phone is a piece of you know what, because it was just sitting in my purse on the other side of the room.  And it's not like I was doing anything to have missed the calls.  No, I was sitting at the computer, typing all that stuff I just told you about in an email to Patrick literally as he was calling. Six calls.  I still can't believe it.

Adding insult to injury, he did manage to call his horrible wretch of a wife back after she was done sobbing.  But our conversation was cut short as I was being called to dinner, and the dogs were going nuts and I was trying to get across the fact that I was on the phone.  So Patrick got to hear me yelling instead of saying goodbye and I love you.

I'm ready to go to sleep and have it be a new day.  This one sucked.

PS:  I would just like to add that even though we got cut off, clearly I am ecstatic that I got to talk to Patrick, for however short a time it may have been.  Also, what makes me smile through all this is that I have the best tissue in the whole wide world.  This next tidbit is for dog lovers only (as most anyone else would probably be grossed out), but Jack is always terribly concerned when I cry, and since that happened a lot after the 6 missed calls, he took to his job of cleaning me up.  I can barely get tears out fast enough before he licks them away.  And since Winston isn't a fan of kissing, he tries to make me feel better by climbing in my lap and snuggling when I'm sad.  I'm thankful for my puppy love on days like today, that's for sure.

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