Tuesday, August 9, 2011

one month

Well we are one month in to this deployment, and about one month away from being done with this pregnancy.  These two facts were celebrated by hanging the gallery wall in the nursery!  Hooray!  I take zero credit for this one, my dad (Bepa), did ALL of the work.  I still need to get in there with a level and fix a few of the frames, but for now... the incredibly poor quality photos (they don't do my dad's handy-work justice):

Ta Da!  The whole she-bang.

The frame with the flowers in it will have a print with his name on it... that is when we pick a name for him.

The 'M' is a gift from Auntie Carly, and it is for our last name, not his first.  He doesn't have one of those yet... But it came from this adorable Etsy shop.  The e.e. cummings print was a gift from my family, and came from yet another Etsy shop.  I love it because it makes me feel like Patrick is with us even when he isn't.  

I made the print in this one, and the dog bone came from Etsy.

I made the flag out of scrap wood we had.  This print is my fun way of having the alphabet in the room.  It was a gift from Mimi and guess what?! it came from Etsy.

As for all the pictures and canvases - homemade!  I know, I know - crazy dog lady here.  The poor kid's first word is going to be 'woof' or something like that.  My cousin Peg jokes that the baby will think he has 4 legs instead of 2!

Oh, and if you thought the 'shrine' to Jack and Winston ends there, you would be wrong.

Here's a crib sneak peak:
Mobile, Daddy Doll, and Dog Lovey

His big brothers will watch over him every night :)

This watercolor was a gift from Aunt Kelly, also commissioned by an artist on Etsy (not sure what shop) but it came to us all the way from Sweden!  You might recognize their pose from the photo in this blog post, amazing isn't it?!

That's all for now... Check back later for more pictures after I do some more organizing and cleaning...

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