Friday, August 12, 2011

the ultimate day

Today totally makes up for yesterday - TEN fold!  It's like my birthday, Christmas, our wedding day, every good thing, all rolled into one... and today is STILL better!  I got 50 (yes that is five - zero) whole minutes of Skype video time with Patrick today.  I really took it for granted when he was in Iraq and we could do it every day.  But after 5 weeks of not seeing his face, it was WONDERFUL!

He called first and said that he thought the internet would be working and we could chat.  So I had to walk out of "The Help" right in the middle so that I could get home and talk to him before he went to bed.  My dear old Dad came and picked me up and I'm so glad he did, because now I can't wipe the smile off my face!  Sorry Mom, I'll pay you back for the movie ticket :)

I got to see him, he got to see me, and the dogs.  They were so excited!  They couldn't stop looking for him around the room.  They were giving me kisses all over as if to say "it's Dad! it's Dad!"  How cute are they?!  Goodness, I'm so giddy right now I could just scream or something!  God bless technology.  And God bless the USA!

PS:  this is us from the 4th of July... so it's patriotic.

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tybella said...

Those skype calls were always the best. I went 6 months without seeing my husbands face.It was so great that first call and the everyone after that.I so happy that you guys got to talk today.Stay strong and proud.