Friday, December 31, 2010

mid week love

Patrick and I tend to spend our days going through the motions.  For him, it's up before the sun, drive to work, work all day in a building with no windows, and head home after the sun has gone to bed.  For me, it's a lot of housework and a little bit of nothing, oh and playing with the pups from time to time :)

Yesterday Patrick got home from work early (hooray!) and we were able to hit a matinée show at the local movie theater!  We are fans of the "Meet the Parents" series, and have been dying to see the newest one since we saw previews for it months ago.  Well "Little Fockers" lived up to our expectations and was fantastic!  But what made it even better is that it provided a mid week date night for us.  Something a little new and different.  So thanks for that, hubby!  Love you!
This photo was taken the day after the Christmas snowstorm in Winston-Salem.  More pictures to come!

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