Wednesday, December 15, 2010

spoiler alert

My apologies in advance to my niece, Ms. Mackenzie, but you're still 1 so hopefully you're not surfing the web just yet... While the following video does showcase one of your Christmas presents, it also shows how you might have to fight Jack for it.

As I picked up the last present to wrap, it began to laugh and sing.  This intrigued Jack, and he cocked his head not ever so slightly, but as if he were an owl.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of this giggling box, but as we kept pressing buttons and getting a good laugh in ourselves, he got more and more comfortable with the toy.  Even sitting here now, he is just laying on the bed, staring at it.  I think it will break his heart (and mine) when I have to finish wrapping it.

Here is some video footage of Jack (and a little bit of Winston) admiring the "Fun Shapes Jewelry Box" brought to you by VTECH.  Enjoy.

My favorite part is when he hits a button with his nose just before pulling it over.  Oh, and the high pitch squeaks aren't from the toy, that would be Jack.  And the hen-esque clucking whines, well that's just our chicken Winston.

PS:  it took me 15 minutes to type this as Jack refused to stop licking my hands, thanking me for bringing this box of joy into his life.  He hit the caps lock key about 7 times.  Cue:  backspace.

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