Friday, December 31, 2010

white christmas

I don't know why people wish for a "White Christmas".  It seems to me that more people are travelling for Christmas and a "white" one means lots of travel delays, setbacks and cancellations.  For me, growing up in MD I've seen enough snow to last me a lifetime, and if I never saw it again I can honestly say I wouldn't be sad.  I don't like being cold.

That being said, the first Christmas at my parents new house, and it being our first Christmas together as a married couple, it was pretty magical.  That's not cliche is it?  The dogs LOVED it, and I couldn't resist trudging out in the sow to get pictures of them in it.  And I even participated in some sledding!

The Perkins Ranch
 Jack & me on the sled
 Win & Pat on the sled
Jack romping in the snow
 Win galloping through the snow

So even though I never dream of a white Christmas, it was enjoyable.  But I think I'm set for a few years...

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