Friday, December 10, 2010

puppy love

Yesterday was a great day for puppy love.  My boys were being so cute and silly they had me laughing into the wee hours of the night.  It all started when we brought them home 2 new toys the other day.  The new raccoon AND a hedgehog!  They adore them.  They squeak not only when squeezed, but also when released.  Jack, not surprisingly, hoards them and just licks them.  Winston however walks around with them in his mouth all day squeaking away!
 Notice: laying in the sliver of sunshine, as usual...

Since Jack was being a hoarder, Winnie carried around his go to fave - the Piggy with the OJ bottle inside.

Disregard the broken dresser (a new one is on the way!)  but focus on those cute faces, particularly the adorable freckle on Winston's nose.

And after all that play time all day long, they were tuckered out.  This is how I sleep at night, Winston on my pillow and me resting my head on his belly.  Until he starts snoring like he did when I took this picture.  What you can't see here is his hound dog flappy jaw hanging open for maximum snore sound.

And then there was Jack, who was laying soundly on his back until Patrick rolled on top of him.  A funny thing happens when Jack sleeps on his back, his lips roll and his gums get dry, so when he sits back upright he looks like he's snarling.  Love it.

This is me.  Every. Night.  Wouldn't trade it for the world :)

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Lauren said...

Your pups are so cute!!! I love seeing other people's dog pictures!