Friday, January 6, 2012

anyone got an ambien?

Hooray for exciting days.  I got notice of a flight window for Patrick's return on Christmas (thanks Santa!) and today we got the official date and time.  I have a feeling that this next little while (until that date arrives) I will be needing to partake in sleep aids if I hope to get any rest whatsoever.  Apparently incredible excitement is also a good way to kill productivity.  I just keep bouncing around smiling instead of doing laundry or vacuuming or packing (ugh, again?  seriously?) or any of the other things I desperately need to get done.  Like blogging about Gunnar's first Christmas...  

I can't complain though, because my hubby is coming home!  And he gets to meet our son.  And we will be in our new house.  With our dogs (of course).  One happy little family.  My life will finally be whole.  Counting down the days!!!  Hoping they pass very, very, very quickly!  

Here is our sort of first family photo:

Check back later for the REAL first family photo!

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