Friday, January 20, 2012

you're a dad now

Gunnar welcomed Patrick to fatherhood in the most appropriate way he could.  With an extreme amount of worry.  About 24 hours (to the minute) after getting off that bus and into our arms, Dad got to take us on a field trip.  To the emergency room.  I will start by saying everything is fine now.  But it was scary.

Long story short, I put Guns down for bed Tuesday night.  His breathing started to sound funny, and after checking on him I saw he was taking very quick, shallow breaths.  After calling his Dr and ruling out it being caused by fever, congestion or cold, we timed it and he took 29 breaths in 30 seconds.  She recommended the trip to the ER.  How could we not listen?

His breathing was erratic on the way there and while we were in the waiting room.  But he woke up when he was in triage and he seemed perfectly fine.  And turns out he was.  They checked him out and I got to go home with the "crazy overprotective first time mother" award.  But, I'm ok with that if it means our little man is healthy.

Then, yesterday, we spent a total of 8+ hours driving in the car up and back to Winston-Salem for his 4 month well baby visit.  After hitting some slow downs, we were running about 20 minutes late.  I called and gave them about 45 minutes notice that we would be late.  To which they replied they wouldn't be able to see us.  I calmly explained that I was out of town to pick up my husband who had just returned from Afghanistan.  And that we had our son in the ER the night before, and we were driving up there solely for the purpose of this appointment.  She said she would ask the Dr and call me back.  Well we got that call when we were about 30 minutes away and she said there was nothing they could do, we would have to reschedule.  Since Patrick had to be on base at 7 this morning, that was impossible.  

I refused to take no for an answer and I showed up at the office anyway.  Turns out they had sent me to the wrong office!  I got there and they said his Dr was at the other office for the day.  After explaining to this receptionist our situation, a nurse overheard and went and spoke with a Dr who agreed to see us.  This new Dr turned out to own the practice.  She was not pleased to hear about our experience, to say the least.  We are very grateful to nurse Debbie and Dr. Simpson for fitting us in.  Otherwise I might have had a breakdown on the very long car ride home.  So Guns got updated on his shots, to which he (and Dad) cried.  We also found out that he weighed 16 lbs 6 oz (76th percentile) and he is 27.5 in long (higher than 99th percentile).  Surprised?  Nope.

How's that for a homecoming?!  Patrick got thrown right into the thick of this thing we call parenting.  Good thing he's a marine.  He handled it with flying colors.

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