Friday, January 27, 2012


To make up for the lack of pictures of our adorable little man in the last 2 posts, this one has videos!

At Gunnar's 4 month check up, you know where we found out he was the tallest baby in America?  Well the nice Dr told us that we could try rice cereal and fruits.  We have been all over the place with the move and welcoming Pat home and hospital visits (yes plural) and a million other things that we didn't have a chance to try until the other night.  It was highly entertaining terrifying for Gunnar.  He did not like it, to say the least:
So, first time for cereal?  Fail.  We'll have to try again when he is more receptive to new things.  AKA less sleepy.

Another first was that we had our family Christmas last night (more on that later) and Guns' big present was a brand new jumperoo!  Dad put it together for him and here he is trying it out and loving it:

Please disregard the mess we have.  Like I said before, life is crazy right now.  I sure have my work cut out for me... Just focus on the baby.

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