Thursday, March 6, 2014

christmas 2013

After lots of traveling back and forth across the world, Patrick, Gunnar, and I got to spend Christmas with just the three of us.  We enjoyed relaxing (aka being lazy), and tried to really get into the whole Christmas-in-summer thing.  It was weird.  Instead of bundling up, we were trying to cool off anyway possible.  In exchange for Christmas dinner like we're used to, we had tiger prawns and Moreton Bay bugs.  Google it, it will haunt your dreams.  All in all it was a great holiday.  Gunnar especially enjoyed all the presents.

Expanding on my family's Christmas Eve tradition of a brand new pair of pajamas, Gunnar got those, along with a Christmas movie, and a special snack that we all enjoyed together before bedtime.

Christmas morning came, and Gunnar didn't know what hit him.  We had spent the days leading up to Christmas trying to get him to understand, but all he got out of it was that he recognized Santa, who said "ho ho ho" and that he brought candy (a trip to Bunnings where a store Santa handed out candy canes made him think that was it… although he was excited for just that).  Santa, as you can see, wanted to be sure our little trouble maker stayed in bed until it was time to open presents…

Then it was game on!

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