Wednesday, March 26, 2014

mobile uploads

Enjoy these photos from my phone from Sydney:

on the plane, ready to go!
bird's eye view of Sydney Opera House
 waiting for the train
 this statement would turn out to be false… since, in this photo, the front of his shirt is covered in blood from smashing his face on the tray table on the flight… 
arrived in the Rocks!
 under the Harbour Bridge
 late lunch at Bar 100 (with "Mr. Lettuce" a St Patty's Day decoration the waitress kindly gave to Gunnar)
 view of the Harbour Bridge from our hotel room at Pier 1
in the underwater tunnels at the Sydney Aquarium

 Patrick really likes sawfish.

cheese face.
 he loved this "fish scale" wall, he kept saying "OOOOHHHH"

 replica of Captain Cook's ship

loves his funny face pancakes!
nap time...
 Dodgers vs. Australia (and Gunnar's first) baseball game!
the Rocks market

 Bondi Beach

luckily no shark attacks

 AZ vs. LA MLB Opening Series game

 enjoying ice cream after the game
 we had a long, fun week!

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Lovely post, loved the picture of the city from the plane!