Thursday, March 6, 2014

giving thanks 2013

Only a few months late, but for Thanksgiving, I had the most to be thankful for… a trip home!  I brought Gunnar back to the states for 2 weeks (it ended up being almost a month, but we'll get to that).  We enjoyed our time with family, and my little boy loved running around on the farm with his pups again.
 SciWorks with Mimi and Bepa

 Puppy love.

I knew 2 weeks wouldn't be long enough of a visit, and as it turns out, Delta had the same thing in mind.  To make a VERY long story short… After a series of delays over 2 days of trying to get on a plane back to Australia, I threw in the towel and got rebooked on a flight leaving 11 days after, and 2 states north of when and where I was originally supposed to fly from.  This was because Patrick and I were virtually flip-flopping.  I was scheduled to arrive down under the day before he was to fly to Maryland.  I opted to fly back with him.  I think it saved everyone a whole lot of stress.  Unfortunately for Gunnar and I, our bags didn't get the memo about the delays and ended up in Sydney without us.  After a week, and a few shopping sprees on Delta's tab, we got them back, relatively unscathed.  

We were sad to leave, and are counting the days until we get to go back!  We love everyone back in the US, especially you guys, Jack and Win!

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