Wednesday, March 26, 2014

old man

Last week, Patrick turned 30.  Since we are so far away from home, I did my best to bring home to him.  With the help of a LOT of people, I managed to pull off an American themed surprise party (completed with a burger press shaped like the states that branded each burger with USA).  I started planning back in January, fully expecting the surprise to get ruined somewhere along the way, but it didn't!  And when it came time for the gifts, there was yet another surprise… I had planned a trip to Sydney for us, complete with tickets to an LA Dodgers game.  Yeah, I'm pretty awesome at throwing parties.  Just kidding!  But I did impress myself with this one… there was a lot of crafting involved, and pretty much all the ideas came from Pinterest.  But that's to be expected.

I pledge allegiance...

 This might look like an insincere banner… but it's from an episode of The Office, where Dwight and Jim plan a party, and Dwight makes a banner that says this.  Patrick thought it was hysterical.
Both banners home made with love.  Gunnar even helped, he picked out the letters!
 home made banner turned table runner...
Patrick has been wanting a corn hole set for FOREVER.  I had already decided I would surprise him and make some for his party, then he decided he needed to go to the store immediately to buy materials to make them himself.  I threw a fit and picked a fight about not wanting to go to the home improvement store so he wouldn't ruin the surprise I was already planning.  It worked.  And here they are in all their glory.  Baseball themed, what else?


I had several hundred USA temporary tattoos so everyone got at least one.  The kids loved them.  So did the adults. 

Opening his ticket to Sydney
Sparkler candles!

Happy birthday, hubby!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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