Thursday, March 6, 2014


In February we splurged and took our first big trip… to Tasmania!  It was an amazing trip, I just wish we had set aside more time to spend there.  Oh well, we have a year and a half to go back and visit!  Things on the list for next time: Salamanca Market, finding the white wallabies on Bruny Island, Freycinet National Park, and Cradle Mountain.  But for now, this is what we did get a chance to do… get ready for a photo overload:

Avisit to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, because we can't go anywhere without me getting up close and personal with some animals (I was however disappointed to be told that I couldn't purchase a "feeding frenzy" excursion without 24 hours prior notice… oh well, next time!)

 The kangaroos here were MUCH more aggressive friendly than we are used to.

 He wanted to be sure I wasn't walking away with his snack.

the infamous Tasmanian Devil

From there we headed south east to Port Arthur and spent a few, chilly hours touring the world heritage site by land and sea.  On the way we stopped to see the beauty of the Tasman Peninsula, and caught a few fun road signs too.

 the Blow Hole

the Tasman Arch

Port Arthur

 Tassie Devil
The next day, we got up early, and caught the ferry to Bruny Island where we spent the day hiking, and on a cruise in the Southern Ocean.  It was, in a word, amazing.

 Penguin Lookout

 Wallabies everywhere!
 Mavista Rain Forest Walk

 Bruny Island Cruise

 2nd highest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere
 Breathing Rock

 Black & White Cormorants
 Australian Fur Seals

 Adventure Bay
 Grass Point Hike

It was a hard day to top, but we tried… next we trekked up to Launceston to see Cataract Gorge, and all the way up to the northern coast.  We jumped in on a tour in Low Head on the Bass Strait and saw some fairy penguins!

 a pademelon

 Gunnar was the Assistant Tour Guide

Tasmania, you are beautiful, and we hope to see you again.  

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